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Papa's Cooking Games
Posted by: mrfantstic, 2019-10-05, 03:15

Welcome to – a home to Papa's Cooking Games online collection! You can find and play Papa's all cooking games free here anytime you want to perfect your cooking abilities through a wide range of challenges and daily missions.

About Papa's Games

Papa's games are the restaurant management flash games created by Flip Line Studios with amazing features. All Papa's games unblocked are totally enjoyable to master and definitely keep players busy for hours to sharpen their skills. The game revolves around a successful businessman named Papa Louie who owned a wide range of restaurants and food stalls. Papa is always on business trips, so he cannot manage all the restaurants at the same time. Therefore, he begins to recruit a lot of workers with different cooking abilities to help him run the restaurants and serve the customers for profits.

Papas Cooking Games

The overall gameplay of Papa's cooking games online

With this delicious collection of Papa's games, you will have chances to express your skills through fascinating challenges. There are many kinds of restaurants you can come to work and run them, such as taco shop, salad stall, pizzeria, bakeries, ice-cream stalls, etc. At the start of each game, you are provided with several characters that you can pick and customize at your own taste, or feel free to make your own one from scratch. When everything is ready, you will begin working at Papa's restaurant and try to serve a lot of people with different orders.

The first thing you must do is to take orders at the order station. After that, you will begin to prepare ingredients at the mix, grill, or build station. Decorate your foods with a lot of toppings and make sure you cook the right foods before serving hungry customers.

You have specific goals when playing Papa's cooking games online. Try your hardest to complete all the goals. You may want to save up money for a new car or a nice ticket to the amusement park too. Keep serving customers, make them always happy with your foods and they will give you big tips.

What are the famous Papa's cooking games to play?

1. Papa's Freezeria

In Papa's Freezeria, you will have to make ice-cream and milkshakes to serve the customers. Take orders from them first, then start to use tasty ingredients with toppings to make your masterpieces much more delicious. Try your hardest to make as many cocktail works of art as possible to earn big tips.

2. Papa's Pizzeria

Now, you will become a pizza maker whose mission is to make as many tasty pizzas as possible for the customers. Papa's Pizzeria is regarded as one of the most famous restaurants with unique recipes and cooking ingredients. Also, it is a good place for pizzaholics.

3. Papa's Sushiria

Sushi is also a famous food in the world. Sushi is a Japanese food loved by many people. Now, with Papa's Sushiria, you will become a sushi maker. Your job here is to take orders from the customers then start making tasty sushi to serve them.

4. Papa's Cupcakeria

Do you love cupcakes? It will be so awesome to become a cupcake maker! You work at Papa's Cupcakeria with a short-term position – the leader of the confectionary making the most delicious cupcakes in the world. Try to serve your hungry customers with different cupcakes based on tasty recipes. The more people feel happy with your cupcakes, the more money you can earn.

5. Papa's Burgeria

Burgers are the most famous food in the world. With Papa's Burgeria, you will work as a burger maker who has to master the skills of making the most delicious burgers to server all crazy customers for earning money. Papa Louie has left you in charge, so you need to make him proud of you by bringing more income and more customers to the restaurant.

There are still more other Papa's cooking games you may want to play, including Papa's Taco Mia, Papa's Wingeria, Papa's Hot Doggeria, Papa Louie, Papa Louie 2, Papa's Pasteria, and more. Each of the games has its own story, unique daily challenges, amazing quests, and wonderful bonuses. Feel free to play them all!

Download Papa's Games HD APK

Papa's games are not only available to play online on PC but they are also downloadable with APK. Android players can download and install Papa's cooking games on their devices then jump into all awesome Papa's restaurants to perform their cooking skills.

Download Papa's Games HD APK

Also, you can try having Papa's To Go APK Downloaded installed on your devices for extra cool features and more wonderful challenges. Most of the Papa's games are free to download, however, there will be some of them that are paid-to-play games and offer in-app purchases. You should check all the information about the game you want to play before download.

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